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The Entrapment Escape Room San Diego

"We were unable to escape, but this is likely the best room I've been to in San Diego!"
Aldrin - Yelp
"The best escape room in San Diego. Excellent set design and storyline."
Wendy - Yelp
"Holy smokes! This was sooooo much fun!"
David - Yelp

San Diego's most immersive escape room game. Puzzles, story, and technology blending together for the best experience.

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San Diego's The Entrapment Escape Room Your mind is the key to escape

The reviews are in! The Entrapment is a hit!
Read our Tips and Hints for players: Maximize your chances of escape.

What is The Entrapment?

The Entrapment is a live, game experience where you and some friends are dropped into a mysterious room and must use teamwork and ingenuity to solve puzzles, follow the clues, and find your way out. This genre is called an escape room and it originated in Japan around 2008. The popularity of this real life game quickly spread throughout Asia and Europe before finding its way to the U.S. somewhere around 2012.

Escape games come in many shapes and sizes. Some are simply rooms cluttered with lots of puzzle to be solved in any order, possibly with a loose theme, usually leading to a key to unlock the room you are trapped in. Many rooms no longer even have a true escape element but rather an end goal of some sort such as finding a particular item.

At The Entrapment we knew an escape room could be so much more. We started with a story and characters, something to draw players into a realistic world. We then built a fully immersive room around that story and built the puzzles into both the story and the environment. Browse around our site, read our reviews, and we hope you’ll click the Reserve button and be joining us soon for an unforgettable experience.

Why is The Entrapment a great Team Building experience??

The Entrapment was designed with collaboration in mind. I've heard people say that in many rooms they go rogue, meaning they break from the pack and, because of their experience, go about solving many of the puzzles quickly and by themselves. This won't work at The Entrapment. Many puzzles require more than 2 hands to solve while others simply require different people taking different roles during the puzzle solution. Time and again people tell me this is a great team room so gather your team and come give us a try.